If you’d like to find a job quickly, this is the page for you. Here I have a job board listing all types of jobs including part time jobs, casual and full time jobs from just about any industry.

Some examples of available jobs include:

Casual Jobs:
– Data entry
– Cleaning
– Labouring

Part Time Jobs:
– Receptionist
– Day Care
– Hospitality

Full-Time Jobs:
– Accounting
– Marketing
– Engineering

Use the search feature to find a job and start applying straight away.

If you need to update your resume, here’s some handy resume tips to get you started:

Job Guides

To find a job in the modern competitive environment it’s crucial to present yourself in the best light possible, and it all stars with your resume.

Here are 3 job guides from recruitment experts that will help you write a resume that gets noticed.

Online Jobs

In the modern world, more people are looking for online jobs to enable them to earn and income by working from home.

Online jobs provide flexibility and a sense of freedom, and anyone who’s experienced earning income online while working from home can attest to this.

In Demand Jobs

Certain industries are growing while others are dying. That’s the reality of today’s job market.

So what are the growth industries where jobs are in high demand?

According to X here are the in-demand jobs for the decade, starting from 2020..

Are You Job Ready?

You may have education, training, skills and experience in one area which kept you employed in the past, but what if those skills aren’t compatible for today’s job market?

It’s crucial to remain job ready by continually educating yourself and upskilling, to remain relevant in today’s job market.

The first step is to take a job readiness test….

Work From Home Jobs

If you’re seeking work from home jobs so you can earn an income from the comfort of your own home, there’s a few things you need to know to make it happen.

The types of work from home jobs can be anything from data entry to marketing to business consulting to engineering.

More and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home which has several benefits for both employers and employees.

Benefits of working from home for employees include:
– No commuting (time and financial savings)
– Less stress

Benefits of working from home for employers include:
– No commercial premises needed to rent or buy
– Employ people worldwide
– Less time wasting meetings
– Screen-recording software keeps employees accountable
– Less employee sick-days off

Work From Home Office Setup

The ideal home office setup to allow you to remain productive while you work from home includes the following items
– Ergonomic chair
– Stand-up desk
– Laptop computer for portability
– Time management software
– Posture suit or alarm
– Treadmill desk
– Printer and scanner
– Foldable desk