The Complete Guide To Starting An Online Business From Home

In this Complete Guide To Starting An Online Business From Home, you’ll learn…
– How to start an online business from home
– How to choose a niche for an online business
– How to sell products online
– How to sell services online
– How to start an ecommerce business
– How to start an online business with no money

You’ll also discover the best courses to shortcut your success online…
– Social Media Marketing Courses
– SEO Courses
– Facebook Marketing Courses
– Online Business Courses
– Sales Funnel Courses
– Email Marketing Courses
– Facebook Advertising Courses
– Amazon Business Courses
– Drop Shipping Courses
– Google Adwords Courses
– Digital Marketing Courses
– Shopify Courses
– YouTube Marketing Courses

To start an online business you have no shortage of options.

Starting an online business could include home business ideas such as blogging, ecommerce, selling on ebay, selling on amazon, affiliate marketing, consulting, information marketing and many more.

Aside from choosing the best online business niche, you’ll need a plan and one or more strategies to make it happen.

And whether you’re selling products online or selling services online, you’ll need to follow these important steps to ensure your new online business succeeds…

6 Steps To Start An Online Business
1. Educate yourself about starting an online business
2. Research potential products, services or niche markets
3. Decide on your product, service or niche
4. Test the market before you spend any money
5. Create a web presence with a website and social media profiles
6. Market your products or services using multiple marketing strategies

Before you begin, ask yourself this important question…

Why is my priority in wanting to start my own online business?
– To make money online
– To quit your job and work full time in your online business
– To create passive income so you don’t have to keep a job
– To earn a side income around your job (because you love your job, but would like ‘options’)
– To pursue a passion such as making money out of a hobby or turning your hobby into a business
– To make money online to travel full time while you earn income
– To create financial freedom where you’re not reliant on your job income

Let’s go through each of the 6 steps to starting an online business…

6 Steps To Starting An Online Business

1. Educate Yourself About Starting An Online Business

If you wanted to become a Doctor or an Engineer, you’d go to University to educate yourself first right?

It’s the same with starting an online business, or any type of business or job for that matter.

You need gain education to not only arm yourself with information, but to avoid making expensive mistakes by having a lack of knowledge.

Gaining an education about a starting an online business can be in many forms. You could…
– Get a University Degree
– Get a TAFE Diploma
– Attend Private training from companies offering online business education courses and certification
– Find individuals that have ‘been there, done that’ and succeeded in the area that you’d like to succeed in.

Everyone will have their preference in which type of online education they’ll pursue but by far the best online business education courses will come from those who have walked the path you’re about to embark upon.

Digital Marketing Degree Courses

Several Universities in Australia as well as Online Universities offer a Digital Marketing Degree. Some of these Universities and Institutions include:

The University of Sydney – – Certified Digitial Marketing Degree

Digital Marketing Diploma
TAFE Qld –

Online Business Experts

Proven, successful online business owners such as

His business is an online education company offering various online marketing courses such as his X Course, which is for people wanting to start an online business with a system that’s proven to work.

He offers various other online business courses such as…
Course 1 – How to make money on the internet while working from your laptop anywhere in the world.
Course 2 –
Course 3 –

Eben Pagan
Eben Pagan is another highly successful online business owner who’s launched several online businesses selling digital information products.
Once such course is his COURSE – where he teaches you his proven X step formula for setting up an online business from scratch and have it earning income within a month.

2. Research potential products, services or niche markets

A key step in starting an online business is to research potential products to sell online, services to sell online and the various niche markets that you could tap into to make money on the internet.

There are several ways to start researching which products and services you could sell online.

Free Keyword Research Tool
One of the free research tools available is the Google Keyword Tool. It allows you to simply type in a keyword phrase (your product or service idea) and it will tell you all the related searches people have made about that product or service in the past 30 days on google!

And it will also tell you how many people searched for each particular keyword in the past 30 days, which gives you great insights into what people are not only searching, but essentially what they’re thinking!

The one downside to the Google Keyword Tool is that it doesn’t give you the ‘exact’ number anymore (it used to)… but now gives you a number range of searches per month. And the numbers could range between “100 – 1000”, which as you’ll agree isn’t as specific as you would like when it comes to doing online business research!

Paid Keyword Research Tool

A more accurate tool used by online marketers is Keysearch. It’s a powerful keyword research tool that will give you the exact number of searches per month on any given keyword search that you can think of.

Starting an online business, just like a business in the real world, requires some investment of capital up front. Whether that’s investing in online business education or investing in software tools such as Keysearch, it can often save you from making very expensive mistakes!

The above keyword tools will help you research various niche markets to help you decide which niche market is the one to go for.

3. Decide on your product, service or niche

Once you’ve conducted your keyword research using one of the above tools it’ll come time to decide on your product, service or niche.

Products To Sell Online

If you’re looking for ideas for products to sell online, here’s a few to get you started…
Household Items –
Sporting Goods –
Clothing –
Gifts –
Electronics –
Manchester –
Stationary –
Gadgets – drones, phones, tablets, accessories, computers, laptops etc.

To source products to sell you could start your search with Alibaba, which is an online resource for businesses looking for wholesale products to sell online.

Importing Products From China

If you’re considering importing products from China there are some major pitfalls to avoid, and you can find out what these are by attending the IMPORT FROM CHINA COURSE.

The courses are run by expert importers NAME and NAME.

They run regular importing from China workshops to educate potential business owners about the pros and cons of importing products from China.

Drop Shipping
Some people although they want to learn to sell products online, don’t want the hassle of receiving, storing and distributing physical products from their home, garage or commercial space.

One way around this is to consider drop shipping products. Drop shipping is where you sell a product but the product is ‘shipped’ (sent out) by another company, often the wholesaler themselves.

There are various drop shipping courses online such as COURSE that you can purchase to find out more about how drop shipping works so that you can avoid the many pitfalls along the way.

Services To Sell Online
If you’re looking for ideas for services to sell online, here’s a few to get you started…

Consulting – take your current real-world business and start consulting online via Skype or various online video chat services.

Coaching – business coaching, sports coaching, personal training and more!

Digital Information Products – these could include things such as ebooks, ecourses, and online training such as webinars, membership sites.

To sell services online successfully you’ll need what’s known as a ‘funnel’ or ‘sales funnel’ to be more specific.

Sales Funnels
Sales funnels are simply a set of organised steps that you’ll lead your prospect through to doing business with you.

Here’s an example of a sales funnel…

Successful sales funnels start with a small, low commitment offer to the prospect to get them to ‘opt into’ your sales funnel, often by giving their email address, and perhaps their name in exchange for a small gift such as a free ebook or report that gives them a solution to a problem they’re experiencing or an answer to something they want to know more about.

From there you will continue to offer your prospect ongoing value in the form of free content, the purpose of which is to build up trust between yourself and the prospect. Just like you would in the ‘real world’ by spending time with someone to get to know them, to build a relationship.

The final goal of the sales funnel, just like in a real world business environment is to convert them into a paying customer.

Like everything, there’s an art and a science to creating successful sales funnels, and Russell Brunson is the master. He’s also the founder of ClickFunnels, a DIY Sales Funnel creation tool that allows you to create your own sales funnel using a drag-and-drop interface in a matter of minutes.

Online Business Niche

When it comes to choosing a niche for your new online business, there are several things to consider, such as…
– Your knowledge and experience in a particular industry/niche
– Your knowledge of a certain product or service
– The scarcity of a certain product or service, and your ability to source this product or deliver on a service
– Your qualifications – selling some services may require you to be qualified or certified by a Government body or University
– Your financial position and ability to pay for certain products and store them before selling them on to customers

Other factors that may influence whether you enter a niche market or not could include…
– Your technical knowledge – can you build websites or will you need to outsource this?
– Your time availability to dedicate to your new online business, or to servicing a particular niche

How To Choose A Niche For An Online Business

Ultimately, if you want to know how to choose a niche for a website, blog, Shopify store, Amazon store, Ebay Store, ecommerce business, for drop shipping or just about any type of online business, you’ll first need to begin with an honest analysis of your knowledge and skills.

Ask yourself these questions to help choosing a niche market…
– Which one area do I have the most knowledge in?
– Which one area do I have the most experience in?
– Which one area am I most passionate about?
– Which one skill am I best at?
– Where have I made the majority of money in the past?
– What is my best work/career skill?
– What are my positive characteristics in relation to work?
– What are my negative characteristics in relation to work? (this can help you stay away from niche markets where you may not follow through on, or succeed with)
– How much money can I dedicate to this business? (either a lump sum or monthly amount)
– Out of 10, what is my current level of knowledge in [potential niche market]?
– Out of 10, what is my level of passion about this [potential niche market]?
– Will this niche market/business allow me to live my ‘ideal lifestyle’? (ie. Run the business from a laptop anywhere in the world)

Choosing a niche for your new online business could take a few days to a few weeks. This time is important because you want to know all the possible upsides and downsides of this niche market so you don’t waste unnecessary time and money.

Simple research you could and should do when considering which niche market is best for your new online business is…
– Google searches – search for various keywords in relation to the niche to see how much competition there is, what they’re offering, how much they charge
– Google keyword tool – use the Google Keyword Tool or Keysearch to find out exact numbers of searches per month for various keywords relating to the niche. This will tell you if there are enough people to sell products or services to in that niche.

4 Test the market before you spend any money
Before you start throwing money into your new online business it’s wise to test whether the market wants or needs the product or service you’re considering selling.

How To Test Selling Products
A simple way to test selling products online is to place a basic ad on either Facebook or Google Adwords with a small budget of a few hundred dollars and see the response.

If you sell a few of the products, you could be onto a winner.

If you don’t sell a thing, not all is lost, it could be a number of things, not necessarily that the product is bad or unwanted.

After all, this is a ‘test’… so keep testing different ways of advertising the product, or different headlines in the ad, different copywriting or different price points to see how the market responds.

If you’d like to get a head-start selling products online and are considering starting an Amazon business, the Amazon for Business Course by NAME might be for you.

Another way to test selling products online is to use the popular ‘all in one’ software called SamCart.

SamCart offers business owners a way to promote and sell their products online while SamCart handles all the payment processing using secure encryption.

SamCart was developed by successful online marketing Brian Moran.

How To Test Selling Services
If you want to sell services online, you can setup a similar test ad as mentioned above when selling a product, but instead, you could send people to a survey page, and in return for them answering questions, you might offer a free ‘something’ once you’ve completed your ‘market research’.

You could setup a simple Survey Monkey survey page or try Google Surveys. Either one will do the job for you. Or if you’ve already got a website, you can embed the survey from either Survey Monkey or Google Surveys into your website and send people to your website from the ad.

Examples of selling services online, or more specifically, selling digital information products successfully can be found in the course NAME by online marketing expert Eben Pagan.

Eben has launched several multi-million dollar digital information businesses which have generated over $100M in revenue. His course takes you through his proven step by step system to making money online by packaging up your information or ‘expertise’ and selling it with his proven sales methods. If you want to shortcut the timeframe to making money online while avoiding expensive mistakes, Eben’s course might be for you.

5. Create a web presence with a website and social media profiles
Creating a website and setting up profiles on Social Media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn and others is an essential step to building a successful business online.

There are many ways to build a website but by far the easiest way to get started online is to build a website with WordPress.

WordPress Website And WordPress Themes
WordPress is a website building platform known as a CMS (Content Management System) which allows you a simple way to build a website by selecting a template or theme for your website which you simple install onto WordPress.

There are both free and paid themes/templates, but a free theme is not recommended as the people that offer themes for free may not be professional web developers, and the theme therefore may not be built correctly, leaving your website open to potential hackers. Obviously something you want to avoid, particularly if you have an online business making you money, you want to keep the website secure and safe from hackers.

By investing as little as $50 for a theme, you can reduce your risk of having a theme that could be compromised. There are a few places to buy WordPress themes such as Theme Forest and Elegant Themes. The website you’re on right now is a WordPress website with a theme purchased from Elegant Themes!

DIY Website Software
There are also many DIY website building software programs out there such as Wix that promote the fact that you can build your own website quickly and easily.

What they fail to tell you is that the software used to build the site doesn’t provide the proper foundation for you to grow your business effectively using strategies such as SEO as the underlying software used to build the website is inadequate for employing such strategies.

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ comes to mind with these DIY website builders.

Professional Website Design
If you’re serious about your business, investing as little as $50 on a professionally built WordPress theme is the smart way to go.

If you’re considering engaging a professional website designer to build your WordPress website for you, it’s easy to find reputable web designers on sites like Upwork and Freelancer.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing has become the biggest thing online in the past 10 years. With the likes of Facebook, YouTube and other multi-billion dollar social media platforms being created out of thin air, there’s no escaping social media when it comes to promoting your online business.

Let’s go through each of the most popular social media platforms one by one…

Facebook – Facebook is a social media platform that can be used for personal or business purposes. For business, you can use Facebook to create a Business Page to promote your online business and even sell your products or services directly from your Facebook Business Page. You can use your page to advertise to your target market, engage with them via your posts on your Page, as well as prom

To learn how to promote your business using Facebook, checkout Brian Moran’s Facebook Ads Academy.

Brian’s Facebook Ads Academy shows you:
– How to promote a business on Facebook
– How to monetise your Facebook Business Page
– How to get Likes for your Facebook Business Page
– How to get people to engage on your Facebook Business Page

Brian used Facebook to take his Baseball themed page to over 10,000 fans and went on to earn tens of thousands of dollars in the process and has since launched a training business helping other business owners succeed with Facebook.

Find out more about NAME here…

YouTube – YouTube is the number one video streaming website and has billions of views each week from people all over the world. What this means for you as an online business owners is that your customers are on YouTube. What if you put together a series of videos showing people how your product or service can help them in some way. And once you’ve created these videos, they stay on YouTube indefinitely, increasing the video views and potential new visitors to your website and customers to your business.

To learn how to use YouTube effectively to promote your product or service, checkout THIS course NAME to find out:
– How to promote a business on YouTube
– How to create content that your target audience will eat up!
– How to structure your videos for maximum impact
– How to get other people to promote your videos for you
– How to advertise on YouTube to grow your following faster!

He has done…

Find out more about THIS here…

Instagram – Instagram is an image and video sharing social media platform where users upload images in various forms to promote their products or services and to connect with their target customers.

By creating interesting and engaging content and inserting relevant ‘hashtags’ to your posts, people will see your posts and can follow you, engage with you, and begin the process of building trust, with the end goal to introduce them to your products or services and turn these followers into customers.

To learn Instagram for business to ensure you know how to convert followers into customers, checkout THIS course Instagram NAME and discover
– How to promote a business on Instagram
– How to increase your followers quickly
– How to turn followers into customers to monetise your Instagram account

He has done…

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SnapChat – SnapChat is a multimedia messaging app that allows you as a business owner to promote your business, products or services via short videos, known as ‘snaps’. The idea is that you offer value with your snaps to connect people with you and your business, to build a relationship, upon which you can offer products and services for sale via various promotional campaigns, specials etc to your loyal followers.

To become a SnapChat master, the SnapChat COURSE by NAME will show you:
– How to promote a business on SnapChat
– How to build your brand,
– How to connect with your ideal audience and turn them into paying customers
He has done…

Find out more about THIS here…

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a business networking site where people worldwide can add their personal profile along with their work or business details including their work history, experience and other relevant details in order to connect with like-minded people within their industry or otherwise.

Like other social media platforms, if you want to ‘monetise’ LinkedIn, you’ll need to find out who’s succeeded before you, and that person is Lewis Howes. Lewis’s COURSE is one of the most popular courses for:
– How to promote a business on LinkedIn
– How to turn LinkedIn into cash with proven networking strategies and money-generating ideas
– How to find key ‘influencers’ in your industry
– How to build your LinkedIn network quickly

He has done… (proof)

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Twitter – Twitter is known as a micro-blog and is probably most well-known for the many high profile celebrities and politicians that use it to promote themselves or create controversy as part of their marketing!

As an online business owner, you can use Twitter for business by adding posts that promote your products or services through the use of ‘hashtags’ that attract your target audience to follow you/your brand to engage with you, where you can then build a relationship to offer your products and services to.

To learn about Twitter for business, checkout THIS course called NAME where he shows you:
– How to promote a business on Twitter
– How to setup your brand,
– How to connect with your target audience properly
– How to convert those followers into customers.

He has done…

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6. Market your products or services using one or more marketing strategies

Getting your business online is just one component of setting up your business. The most important part however is the marketing.

As we’ve discussed above, Social Media Marketing is the most popular way of promoting an online business as it can be done for free to a certain extent, if you’re ‘doing’ the social media yourself that is. Or you can hire someone to do it for you for a fee. The best idea is to start doing it yourself to begin with so that you ‘know’ how to do it, but so that you also save money until you have a handle on things and you know exactly what your customers want.

That’s why educating yourself through the above mentioned online courses is a great way to shortcut your success.

How To Promote An Online Business

If you’re looking for ways to promote an online business let’s go through them now, one at a time in more detail…

How To Promote A Business Using Social Media Marketing

If you’d like to know ways to promote a business using social media, here is a short checklist of things you can do:
– Create Infographics that relate to your industry, product/service that other people will find interesting and promote it across all of your social media profiles and pages
– Create competitions where your followers and fans can go in the draw to win a prize (one of your products or services perhaps?)
– Offer discounts on your products or services randomly for customers to take advantage of
– Offer giveaways of products/services to trigger people to take action of some kind
– Offer incentives for people to join your email list so you can follow up with them
– Write valuable content that helps your potential customers solve a problem or answer a question in some way that relates to your product or services
– Create information-rich videos that explain more about you, your product/service or business
– Create demonstration videos of how to use your products
– Inform your audience of changes within your industry that are of interest to them
– Post testimonials from happy customers, in the form of written or video testimonials
– Show ‘behind the scenes’ photos of videos of your workplace and staff to get customers to connect more with your business and employees
– Create handy checklists for your customers that help them do business with you easier

How To Promote A Business Using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If you’d like to know ways to promote a business using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), here is a short checklist of things you can do:
– Create a Blog on your website and post consistent articles of value that include keywords that are relevant to your product, service or business
– List your business on as many website directories as you can to gain valuable ‘backlinks’ from these high ranking websites
– Create profiles on all Social Media websites with a link of your website in your profile
– Create profiles on various Web 2.0 websites such as, and others for valuable ‘backlinks’ to your website
– Add your business to Google My Business, google’s business directory
– Submit a Sitemap to your Google Search Console so that google can find all pages on your website

How To Promote A Business Using Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

If you’d like to know ways to promote a business using PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising), here is a short checklist of things you can do:
– Google Adwords – setup an account with Google Adwords and setup ads to promote your product or service with text ads that will appear in google or within google’s partner network.
– Facebook – setup Facebook Advertising ads to promote your product or service within Facebook. Checkout Brian Moran’s Facebook Ads Academy to discover how to pay less per click for your Facebook ads as well as other ‘hacks’ to shortcut your success.
– Solo Ads – Solo Ads are affordable pay per click ads where you can choose where your ad will appear across various websites on the web. [link to]
– Classified Ads – you can setup basic classified ads using sites such as,, to drive more traffic to your website.

How To Promote A Business Using Publicity

If you’d like to know ways to promote a business using Publicity, here is a short checklist of things you can do:
– Write about the ONE THING that makes your business unlike any other and send this press release to your local newspaper, online newspapers or other publications relevant to your business whether locally, country-specific or globally. Use websites such as or Newswire to attract publicity from local as well as international journalists and publications.
– Write information-rich articles that educate people about a particular topic, story, new ‘thing’, new breakthrough, or something else interesting. Don’t ‘sell’ your business in these types of articles, they’re designed to provide Journalists with a ready-to-go article that they need to do little to but perhaps get a quote or two before they can publish it.

If you’d like to know how to gain publicity for an online business, checkout this course by NAME which shows you how to:
– Gain free publicity for a business
– How to get Journalists calling you because of your expertise
– How to get published in top newspapers, magazines and online publications, websites and blogs
– The types of press releases to send and what you need to include to get published